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) is the development name given to the first iteration of Resident Evil 2, which was scrapped in 1997.

As the game was approaching its March 1997 release date, the developers were dissatisfied with the resulting product.

Rather than releasing a game they were unhappy with, the developers took the risk of cancelling the game and developing the game again from scratch.

Crows and the Cerberuses share the same role as their Resident Evil 2 counterparts, with the dogs attacking the player in outside areas. Web Spinners were supposed to hide in ventilation tunnels before attacking nearby enemies.

This version also included a different breed of dog, as seen by the German Shepherd zombie dogs that would attack the player in the R. William Birkin was to be far more monstrous, able to kill other infected creatures.

As evidenced by the little known footage available of the game.

1.5 William would also mention Sherry's name multiple times during his search for her.

In the prototype, the zombies were significantly more gruesome and tougher, continuing to crawl towards the player even with their body below the waist severed (it's possible for this to occur in Resident Evil 2, however enemies can only be blasted in half with the Shotgun and it's harder to pull off).

It was also possible for a zombie to continue walking and attack the player even though its head was blasted off.

However, once the zombie grabs the character it will immediately fall to the ground.

In addition, the Zombies were able climb on and jump off ledges and get up from crawling, which isn't featured in the final version.

The various types of zombies were far more varied, including fat zombies, black zombies and multiple female zombies.